MEDI   TECText Box:    Nanoduct Neonatal Sweat Analysis
Text Box: Keyence 54 Million Pixel 3CCD Digital Microscope
Text Box: OSC ECG Recorder
Text Box: Blood Pressure Meters / Gluco Meters  / Zeal Thermo Meters
Text Box: OSC General Purpose Radiographic System
Text Box: OSC Portable desktop spirometer 
Text Box: OSC Formalin Disinfections Chamber

Versatile functionality and analysis is only of use if high-quality original images can be obtained. The VHX has succeeded in producing sharper, super high resolution observation images by applying sophisticated technologies to every process from lighting to image generation.                                                            

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It has become widely recognized that early diagnosis and treatment can significantly improve the quality of life and increase the lifespan of children born with cystic fibrosis.

1,2 The proven diagnostic effectiveness of analyzing the concentration of electrolytes in sweat makes it vital to perform this test as soon as possible after birth. Unfortunately, this critical need has in the past been severely hampered by the tiny limbs and small sweat yields typical of neonates, resulting in frequent test failures. This combination of factors has often frustrated

attempts to positively diagnose the disease at a very early age, and led many to avoid sweat testing of very young babies.                           

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Text Box: BP METERs

This is a Pressure Controlled, Time Cycled, Continuous Flow Respirator that is intended for Neonatal & Pediatric use Seven different modes of ventilation enhances user's efficacy matching the varied patient Condition's.

Features:-Portable, battery operated ECG Graphic display Storing of 6 ECG Records Mains or battery operation Automatic, manual mode and long ECG recording Real-time and synchro mode 6 user-defined profiles Indication of Contact of each electrode Pacemaker detection and Defibrillation protection TFT Monitor to indicate loops & curves.

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· Portable desktop spirometer

· Integrated printer with 112mm paper width

· Colour touch screen (320x240 dots) for simple and effective operation

· Real-time display of flow-volume and volume-time graphs

· Up to three curves in flow-volume graph

· Automatic best test selection with manual correction

· Bronchoprovocative testing

· Paediatric encouragement software

· Automatic interpretation (Enright, BTS, ATS)

· Automatic BTPS correction with automatic measuring of relative humidity, ambient temperature and barometric pressure

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OSC 93FS Series is a compact, cost-efficient  radiography workplace based on a cassette catapult bucky. As a  reliable, easy-to-use solution, OSC 93FS Series is especially suited for all acquisitions of skeletal radiography of the recumbent and seated patient :


· Orthopedic diagnostics

· Trauma, routine and ER diagnostics

· Thorax diagnostics

The simple-to-use system minimizes training time, allows efficient workflow and speeds up your patient throughput.                                 

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The Standard for Disinfections for Large Medical Equipment such as;

Baby Incubator, Mattress, Beds and Various Medical Equipment

World-recognized Japanese Technology of Disinfections

The unique pulse-inverter method significantly improved efficiency of

disinfections, providing short-time operation. Touch panel system

World-patented circulatory non-toxic formaldehyde gas system,

ECOPAL, contributes your action for environmental protection.

No smell of formalin after operation, providing operators with safety assured operation.

<Application>  Incubator Mattress Anesthesia, Bed, Ventilator, etc.

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Text Box: OSC Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

· 12.1” Large-screen Color TFT Display

· Light weight and portable, user-friendly design ,easy operation mode

· AC/DC power supply, uninterrupted monitoring

· Built-in high-capacity battery, up to 5 hours working time

· Adjustable colors for parameter data and curve

· Maximum 96 hours storing and replaying of trend graphic data

· Maximum 90 minutes capturing and replaying of ecg waveforms

· Individual digital module structure, convenient for maintenance and upgrade

· Protection against interference from defibrillation and high-frequency electrotome

· Digital spo2 technique, precise measurement for low perfusion and finger shaking.

· Intelligent voice/light alarms accurately transmit diseases.

 IP network interface, compatible with central monitoring            More Info Click  >>>

Text Box: OSC Electrocardiograph

· Automatic measurement of ECG waveform

· Fully automatic waveform analysis report output

· Complete digital design, single color LCD display

· Single Color TFT Display (Resolution: 192 x 64), Thermal Recorder (50mm)

· Simultaneously 12 leads acquisition, optional selections for rhythm lead

· Automatic adjustment of baseline, amplification and automatic lead switch

· Digital wave filter to eliminate baseline drift, AC and EMG interference

· 150 electrocardiograms record and recall,



· Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, support 2 hours uninterrupted operation

· AC/DC power supply, automatic protection circuit

· Thermal recorder, Various Printout Format

· Accurate lead off detection and display

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