Broadcast & Commercial Video   Production System USA


Broadcast Pix Flint is a breakthrough live video production system with end-to-end integration. It integrates the entire production workflow, from ingest to distribution. Flint delivers built-in HD streaming and live video outputs, and allows operators to include cloud-based content, in addition to cameras and file-based graphics and video. Flint is anchored by Broadcast Pix’s established production control toolset for creating sophisticated live video. Flint comes standard with 3 keyers each with the new ClearKey chromakeyer and virtual sets


THE NEW FLINT LINE :- The Flint integrated production switcher line has just been expanded! In addition to the new Version 3 software, there are now three new Flint models all under different input configurations to satisfy any production requirement or budget. The entry-level Flint LE, supports three HDMI or analog (composite, component or S-video) inputs. All with two additional network inputs, Flint continues to spark video production creativity with more options and power than ever before! .


Granite Systems

Granite is our premium line of Integrated Production Switchers. It has the highest I/O capacity, most redundant architecture, and the most options.  Each Granite system includes a Granite Switcher and a Granite Server.  The switcher is available with 11 or 22 HD/SD SDI inputs and has 7 channels of file-based inputs from the Server, and the switcher has 6 key layers for compositing. The server holds up to 180 hours of clips, plus graphics, and has access to cloud-based content. Redundant power and switching are standard. Granite options include 2M/E control, quad monitor Fluent-Views, and extended clip storage and redundancy. Granite has the widest variety of control surface options and panels.


Mica is our mid-size system. It packs the power of an entire HD/SD video production system into a single 4RU box, and delivers exceptional control and value. Mica has 8 multi-definition SDI inputs for cameras, another SDI input for a key source and 7 channels of file-based inputs for clips, graphics and animations. Its built-in clip server holds up to 30 hours of clips and its CG is from Harris Broadcast. End-to-end integration includes ingesting files from the studio and the cloud, the innovative Broadcast Pix production control toolset, and delivery of up to 3 different productions for broadcast, live events or streaming.



Listeners into Viewers Worldwide

VOX systems are a breakthrough in voice-automated productions, effectively eliminating the need for a technical director during live video productions. The intelligence of VOX software auto-detects which microphone is active, triggers a series of camera moves accordingly, and activates Fluent Macros assigned to that microphone. Fluent Macros is a standard feature on any Broadcast Pix integrated production switcher, all compatible  with VOX, to create automatic audio-follow-video. Fluent Macros can be programmed to select camera presets, roll clips and animations, add or remove titles, and even execute sophisticated compositions such as picture-in-picture or a three-box. Plus, multiple macros can be assigned to each microphone - and selection criteria can be established - allowing each automated VOX production to yield dynamic live results every time.



The Next Generation Slow Motion Sports Replay System

ReVue is the new HD slow motion replay system designed to meet the demands of every day sports productions. ReVue seamlessly works with any Broadcast Pix integrated production system or independently in other production environments. Ideal for any sport, such as Soccer, Football, Baseball or Basketball, Revue will deliver stunning multiple angle replays with variable speeds. ReVue will deliver with it's powerful multi-source HD server and inuitive controls surfaces, giving winning performances at any sporting event.


REAL-TIME 3D CG SOLUTION:- FX3D is an extremely versatile 3D CG, this powerful system allows you to create, playout and connect with the video production switcher of your choice. Then simply build stunning 3D and 2D graphics with our easy to use interfaces and a template-based rundown controller. See how FX3D makes it easy to produce high end graphics with unlimited possibilities   

3D Real Time 3D Graphics:- FX3D offers advanced real time 3D rendering of the most sophisticated complex graphics that are required in today’s demanding live production environments. Moving your graphics to the next dimension from a typical 2D workflow, FX3D allows you to import 3D models such as OBJ or files from Maya, Lightwave , 3DS max, then add animation, texture mapping, lighting to the objects. Combine all this with animations that come preloaded with every system from our extensive library of assets. 

FX3D Creation:- Integrated into the creation license is a full rendering engine with the ability to create 2D and 3D primitive-based modelling objects. Full keyframe animations with curves are instantly available on the familiar UI timeline for the XYZ axis planes.  



PixPlay Slo-Mo Option :- PixPlay is the new software option that will allow any Broadcast Pix integrated production switcher to provide slow motion control to a Blackmagic Design HyperDeck or AJA Video Systems Ki Pro disk recorder. Originally developed as a cost effective solution so game officials could review footage for high school and college sports, PixPlay can also be used during production for almost any sports application, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer and even extreme sports like auto racing. An operator can replay footage manually using controls on the front panel of the HyperDeck Studio or Ki Pro. With PixPlay, however, VTR control is ported to the production switcher along with six preset replay speeds. Users can also “scrub” or single step through a scene for better control and functionality. PixPlay also includes an unlimited number of “in” points as part of a playback EDL, which instantly cues the proper scenes. All scoring plays during a football game, for example, can be selected and cued for instant playback at one of PixPlay’s preset replay speeds.  


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